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Sunday,  May 8th, 2016

This Sunday is The Sunday after Ascension

From An Introduction To The Liturgical Year by Inos Biffi:

The Ascension

Jesus Rises to Heaven

Forty days after Easter we celebrate Jesus’ ascension to heaven.  By frequently appearing to his Disciples during those forty days, he had ensured their faith in his resurrection, and he had spoken to them about the reign of God.  Now he could return to the Father.  But his return was not an abandonment, so we should not be sad.  The Ascension is a festive commemoration.

The Ascension of the Lord into heaven gave joy to the Father, who was pleased with the love and obedience of his Son.  It also inspired joy in Jesus himself, who by dying and rising had saved humankind, and entered into glory.  And the Ascension is a source of joy for us.  “In your Son ascended to heaven,” we say today in prayer, “our humanity is lifted next to you, O Father, and we, members of his body, live in the hope of being reunited in heaven with our glorious head.”  The redemption is successful, and all the universe rejoices in the majesty of Jesus, who alone has gone before us into heaven and is waiting for us there.

The Living Vine Collection

The Women and Sunday School of Saint John’s will be collecting items for The Living Vine maternity home. Please help by donating toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and Kleenex. New or gently used car seats, strollers, and bassinets are greatly needed. Collection bins can be found in Cranmer Hall through May 22.

We will follow are regular schedule this Sunday. The Church School Supervisor will be Holden Hayes,  and the Dad Squad Morning Assembly leader will be George Barrow.  

The Lesson for children in Pre School – 5th Grades on Ascension given by Father O’Brien.  Then, as a group, we will create our church school painting to be given at the church school awards.  This is always a fun activity for the children.  Please make every effort to have your children there is Sunday at 9:30.

Mark your calendar!  The last day of 9:30 Sunday School will be May 22nd.  During the 10:30 service we will have church school awards, presentation of the church school painting, and the Psalm Psingers will sing.

This week the youth class will discuss:  “The world today and how do I navigate it?”

This  Sunday at 9:30 a.m.  for Adults

Father Dunbar – Christ’s Ascension in Scripture (Acts 1, Mark 16 et al. ) Reading Room – Third Floor Cranmer Hall