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Sunday,  April 3rd, 2016

This Sunday is Easter I .

Thank you, thank you to al 36 volunteers that helped make Easter Sunday a happy celebration for the children!  You can visit our facebook page – St. John’s Church School – to see pictures from Easter Sunday.

Please don’t forget to bring your items for the FreshAir home!  This Sunday will be the last Sunday for this collection.  Details next week on our collection for The Living Vine.

We will follow are regular schedule this Sunday. The Church School Supervisor will be Brian Culver,  and the Dad Squad Morning Assembly leader will be Holden Hayes.  

The Lesson for children in Pre School – 3rd grades  will be Lesson Lesson 18 – A little servant girl and the proud general.  Click on the title to view the teacher’s notes.  The 4th and 5th Grades  will have a review Sunday and Memory Work day.

This week the youth class will discuss:  “The world today and how do I navigate it?”

Adult classes :


9:30 a.m. in the Reading Room

For those considering/preparing for Baptism or Confirmation (if not confirmed by a bishop in historic succession) or Reception (if already so confirmed) into membership at St. John’s Church: and for those seeking a refresher course in “the basics”.

See you Sunday!